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Our commitment to guests’ safety

Lottecityhotel Kinshicho wishes to express our sincerest sympathies to those who have contracted novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and to their families and associates. We also express our deepest gratitude to all those who are working so hard to prevent the spread of the infection.
Lottecityhotel Kinshicho gives the highest priority to safety and reassurance of our guests and employees, and implements the following measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
■Correspondence and Request
For the safety of all, please do NOT travel if you have fever or do not feel well.
・Temperature and Wellbeing check
We are working toward having all guests fill out a health screening form and take a body-temperature check upon check-in. Guests who have fever greater than 37.5℃ (99.5℉) would be not allowed to stay with us.
・Hand Hygiene, Masks and Social Distancing
 It is required all guests to wear a surgical mask and sanitize hands at hotel entrance. Guests will also be advised to practice proper physical distancing.
■Front desk
・Plexiglass shields have been installed on the front counter
・Disinfect all surfaces and objects (e.g. writing materials, cash tray, front counter) after each check-in
・Disinfect all of room keys
・Employees are required to wear a surgical mask on work, and sanitize their hands each time
■Public space
・Sanitizing hand rub dispensers are prepared at every hotel entrances, front lobby and inside of elevators
・Increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting with extra focus paid to high-touch surfaces on public area, such as the button of elevators, handrail of escalator, public bathrooms, etc.
・Cleaning staffs are required to wear a surgical mask and glove
■Guest room
・Extensive housekeeping focused on high-touch surfaces, such as handle of room door, air conditioning controller, telephone, refrigerator, the flush lever of washroom, etc.
・Protect TV controller with plastic after disinfected
・Clean the filter of air purifier each stay
・Left doors open and ventilate rooms while house keeping
■Restaurant and Banquet
・Strictly Manage food hygiene and sanitation in accordance with HACCP (Hazard
Analysis and Critical Control Point)
・Frequent Ventilation of Restaurant/Banquet room
・Disinfect furniture and equipment with alcohol-based disinfectant
・All layouts in our restaurant/banquet room will be arranged to ensure appropriate
distancing, and occupancy will also be reduced.
・Required all guests to sanitize hands upon entry of restaurant and wear a surgical
mask before and after having meal
・Required all guests who use banquet room to be checked body-temperature
  (Guests who have fever greater than 37.5℃ are unavailable to enter the banquet
・Requested to use own glass(refrain from passing the glass around), not to pour
drink for others and not to entertain with a large voice
・Required all of our employees to wear a surgical mask upon work and commuting
・Take a body-temperature and health check each morning
・Encourage gargling and hand washing, frequent hand sanitization with
 alcohol-based sanitizer and to disinfect office and staff-only area
・Separate working office and time
・Refrain from any nonessential and non-urgent outings and meeting
We would like to appreciate your warm understanding and cooperation on this unprecedented situation.
Yuichi Oushi
General Manager, Lottecityhotel Kinshicho