Special Breakfast Menu

Our buffet serves a variety of Japanese and Western dishes, including healthy options and menus that incorporate locally sourced ingredients. We also have special limited-time menus that are unique to Lotte City Hotel, such as ‘Koala March Pancakes’ and ‘Ghana Chocolate Drink’.

Eggs Benedict & Shitamachi Eggs Benedict

In addition to the classic Eggs Benedict, we have prepared two types of Hotel Special Clam Eggs Benedict that are inspired by the traditional Edo cuisine, Fukagawa Meshi.

Ultimate bowl of rice with raw egg

Place a hot spring egg and bonito flakes on top of warm rice, and drizzle with special soy sauce from a local miso shop.

Pork Miso Soup

Our pork miso soup, filled with ingredients, is made using special miso from a local miso shop and is an essential dish for a Japanese-style breakfast.

Lotte City Hotel exclusive dessert menu

Koala’s March Pancake

Our Koala’s March shaped pancake is a popular and original dish that is freshly baked every morning in the hotel.

Pie-no-mi without Chocolate, Toppo, and Koala’s March

We have specially received products from the factory before the chocolate is added.

Ghana Chocolate Fountain

Please enjoy your favorite arrangement, such as Pie-no-mi without chocolate and the Ghana Chocolate Fountain.

Ghana Chocolate Drink

Our hotel-original chocolate drink is handmade every day with a special blend of cocoa mass and milk created exclusively for us.

Breakfast buffet

4th floor 宴会厅「夏洛特」
7:00AM-10:00AM(L.O. 9:30AM)
费 (含税)
  • 大人2,500yen
  • ※2,200 yen if you stay overnight and make a reservation in advance.
  • 小学生1,000yen
  • Ages 4 to not yet in school (preschoolers)500yen