Privacy Policy

Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho (hereinafter called the “Hotel”) recognizes importance of the Guests’ privacy and personal information (hereinafter collectively called the “Personal Information”), will make efforts in its strict protection, will comply with laws, etc. governing personal information to gain Guests’ trust, and will work on improving our information security technology and on strengthening the management system concerned.

1.Acquisition of Personal Information

With an aim to offer our Guests better services, when the Guest uses or inquires about the Hotel facility, the Hotel may request our Guests to provide us with personal information within a necessary scope. When we do so, we limit the purpose of use of personal information as possible as we can. When the personal information provided by the Guest needs to be used beyond this scope which is clearly specified to the Guest at the time of provision of personal information, the purpose will be notified to the concerned Guest in advance, except the case falling under Paragraph 4. When no consent is given for the new purpose, such use can be refused at the discretion of the Guest himself/herself.

2.Types and Purposes of Use of Personal Information Acquired by the Hotel

The purposes of use of the Guests’ personal information retained by the Hotel include the following.

  1. Purposes of use of personal information of the person who make a reservation and the Guest
    • Communication for information, confirmation, etc.
    • Responses to the Guest’s requests, inquiries, etc.
    • Distribution of accommodation plans with an aim of sales promotion by means of ordinary mail, home-delivery service, and email
  2. Purpose of use of personal information of the Receiver to whom the merchandise sold within the Hotel premises is sent on request
    • Forwarding of the merchandise and related communication
  3. Other purposes of use of personal information (services other than the above)
    • The purposes of use of personal information will be explicitly explained in accordance with the content of the service, etc. to be requested by the Guest.

3.Protection and Management of Personal Information

In order to manage personal information of the Guests, the Hotel assigns the person responsible for management to ensure appropriate and strict management, while providing high security measures to prevent unauthorized leakage to the outside, loss, destruction, and alteration.
The Hotel manages the personal information strictly by limiting the personnel who can access to its database, etc. in order to prevent unauthorized use.
With an aim to improve our services to our guests, the Hotel may subcontract handling of personal information. In that case, an outside vendor which is considered to handle personal information in an appropriate manner (hereinafter called the “Vendor”) is selected and the matters necessary to prevent leakage, etc. of the Guests’ personal information including appropriate protection, maintenance of confidentiality, prohibition of re-disclosure, etc. of the personal information are agreed in the consignment contract so that appropriate management can be ensured.

4.Disclosure of Personal Information

The Hotel does not disclose the Guest’s personal information to any third party other than the Vendor without consent of the Guest.
However, under certain circumstances listed below, the Hotel may disclose/provide the personal information without Guest’s consent:

  1. when the Hotel needs to notify the court/police/other authorities concerned and the stakeholders as the Guest is found to have committed an act that would cause disadvantage to the Hotel or other Guests;
  2. when disclosure is required under the law or when disclosure is required by a public institution such as the court and the police.

5.Correction/Deletion of Personal Information and Contact Address

Upon receiving a request for correction/deletion of the Guest’s personal information from the Guest himself/herself, the Hotel shall make a correction/deletion without any delay insofar as there is a due ground for such correction/deletion.
However, please understand that, after the request for deletion is accepted, services from the Hotel such as information provision will also be suspended.

Please feel free to contact the following for inquiries concerning this Privacy Policy and the Guest’s personal information:Contact for Handling of Personal Information, Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho TEL: +81-3-5619-1066.

6.Use of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent by the web server to the User’s browser with an aim to enhance effective Internet operation. However, we sometimes use cookies to customize our Site to meet the Guests’ needs and to improve the content of the Site and the services we offer so as to satisfy our Guests more.
You can set your browser to refuse cookies or to display a warning message whenever cookies have been received. However, if you choose to disable the receipt of cookies, you may not be able to use certain personalize functions and other inconveniences.


In order to improve our personal information protection system or to comply with an enactment/revision of an ordinance, cabinet/ministerial order, or other regulation, the Hotel may revise the Privacy Policy posted on the Site.
When the Privacy Policy has been revised, the Hotel will display a notice by posting the revised content on the Site.