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Terms and Conditions for Use

As a general rule, copyright of all the corporate marks, logos, characters, products/product names, images, music, phrases, program data, etc. are owned by Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho and/or its affiliate/associated company (hereinafter called the “Hotel”). Therefore, except for personal use (within the scope specified in Paragraph 1 of Article 30 of the Copyright Law of Japan), it is prohibited to reproduce, modify, sublicense, distribute, or otherwise transfer part or all of the information without permission from the Hotel. Even for the data whose downloading is permitted on the Site, its personal use only is permitted. The rights owned by the Hotel are not transferred to the User.
■Temporary Suspension of Services on the Site
The Hotel may temporarily suspend provision of this Site without prior notice in the event of system maintenance/trouble, fire/power failure, or natural disaster such as earthquake, or when the Hotel decides it is necessary to temporarily suspend the provision of the Site for operational or technical reasons.
■Change in the Site
Please understand that the Hotel may change the content and/or the address (URL) of the Site without prior notice.
■Exclusion of Warranty
Although we aim to offer you the latest and the most accurate information on this Site, the Hotel makes no warranty of any kind, whether explicit or implied, regarding the normality, reliability, accuracy, or any other aspect of the information. Also, the Hotel accepts no responsibility for any damage thereby incurred. Further, the Hotel will not be responsible for any damages caused by any failure of software/hardware, any troubles between the Users or between the User and any third party, and any other kind of accidents which may occur as a result of use of the Site.